Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ligonier Conference on The Gospel

My new friend Esther
I had the privilege of attending most of the annual Ligonier Conference in Orlando, Florida, February 25-27, 2016. I met Esther there, when we both helped with registration. Hectic the first day with registration, but we were able to attend most of the conference after that.  I called her the missionary to America from Kenya. She had become a Christian by reading the book of Romans. We tried to sit together when we could. Once she texted me to “hasten”, not a word I am used to using. She also used “fortnight”, not an English word I use often if at all. The lunch submarine sandwiches were not a hit with her, but that was what was offered on our meal ticket. It would have been foolish to go out to eat and then try to get back because the parking lot was SO full.

I have written other blog posts about Ligonier: 2010 2012 2014  But for this post I want to give you some of my favorite quotes although you can hear the whole thing HERE.

Al Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, spoke on “God’s Design for Male and Female”: Gender is part of God’s goodness. God does have a design—deal with it. In a panel discussion Mohler also noted (perhaps not the exact quote):

                                                       God is not the author of evil.        
He triumphed over it.
The Gospel is not plan B.
He ordained everything.
Evil exists for God’s victory
Over it shows His glory.

I listen regularly to Mohler’s podcast. I am amazed by his podcasts on a Christian view of the news. He said incidentally that if he had to write a script for it, there wouldn’t be a podcast. He just puts newspapers out and speaks! Parents teach children to read the newspaper, he said.

In addition to Mohler, I was totally charmed by the British accents of speakers such as Ian Hamilton, and Michael Reeve. One  could hear the theology, and their enthusiasm was electric!
For example, in the charming accent Dr. Ian Hamilton said,

  • ·       Calvinism is deeper than five truths. TULIP shouldn’t be elevated above pleasing God.
  • ·       Calvin cherished God’s grace.
  • ·       Live a life that acknowledges God’s sovereignty.
  • ·       Grace puts God on the throne and us at His feet where we belong.
  • ·       The Reformation was about the right worship of God.

Author/blogger/pastor Tim Challies said, learn to use the best (of the digital explosion) for the gospel. I appreciate that he signed his book for me when the line was done and I thought it wouldn't happen. He caught my pouting when the signing was disbanded by conference personnel and came back to sign The Next Story, a updated and expanded book of the first edition that I also have. Hope to review this on this blog after my second draft of my dissertation is done.The verse he chose after his signature is Romans 12:2.

Greg Koukl founder and president of Stand to Reason suggested asking secular people two questions:

1.     What do you mean by that?
2.     How did you come to that conclusion?

A new document was distributed and I took some with me for my Florida and Huntsville pastors.You can read it HERE.

Discussing the statement were R. C. Sproul, Michael Reeves, Stephen Nichols. Derek Thomas, Ian Hamilton and Chris Larson moderator.

R. C. Sproul concluded this excellent conference by noting:
1)     The Gospel is about Jesus Who lived a sinless life and died for us.
2)     You can’t improve the Gospel . It was
In the mind of God
Executed by Christ
Applied by the Holy Spirit
3)     The Gospel must be received in repentance.
4)     We must never mess with the Gospel because it is His Gospel.
5)     The Galatians were bewitched by teaching another gospel. We must not shame it, be hostile to it or soften it. The gospel is not your personal testimony—that is pre-evangelism. It is NOT God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life or God loves you unconditionally.


  1. You're so blessed to be able to attend these conferences. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes I was blessed to live by Orlando until last summer and then recently to go back to Florida to attend this conference for free as a registrar. When I was accepted as a registrar, I persevered to bring my seminary dissertation to Florida also. Now I am revising it.


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