Saturday, January 2, 2016

Theological Fitness: Part Nine

Do you ever wonder why Reformed people have to squabble? I do. I long for gracious, quiet growth that is in accord with Scripture, and accountable to our LORD. Why Are Some Reformed People Such Jerks gave me pause for thought HERE. Also, Dr. Eyrich, whom I heard recently on how he studies Scripture, and whose book, A Call to Christian Patriotism, I have reviewed on this blog, recently wrote about blogging HERE

One more blog post for this book follows and then perhaps I will write about the subject of my dissertation.  

1. If the weight of our expectations is based on the promise of God, what is the extent of our confession of hope for our eternal condition?   He is faithful who promised according to Hebrews 10:23.   Is this hard for you to believe sometimes? Yes Explain. I get caught up in my inadequate feelings.     How does focusing on this expectation affect the way you live today? His promises are trustworthy and my hope is secure.

2. How does understanding Scripture in relation to a covenant treaty affect your perspective in reading it, or in sitting under God's Word being preached? Aimee answers this on page 161-162: A better understanding of the covenants God has made with his people gives a better understanding of Scripture and the character of God himself.

3. How is a covenant treaty different from a love letter? It can’t be broken.

4. Do you have any issues with Adam representing all mankind in his obedience and disobedience?  No.  Explain how this federal representation for salvation actually benefits us. This leads us to Christ. Works will not lead to our redemption.
  5. Read Exodus 19 and 20 and consider this covenant given on Mt. Sinai. In what way or ways is this a gracious covenant? The Ten Commandments started out as the righteous gracious way the Israelites were to live and eventually this law pointed to Christ. People just added to it or didn’t keep it. It is now the means of salvation, but God graciously send Christ.
6. Does the covenant of grace reveal any unnecessary expectations that you may be putting on yourself?  I can never live up to the expectations of others or of myself. I am at times miserable at what I cannot fulfill—hard on myself.  Why is it important to recognize how Christ met and fulfilled every demand of the law?  Because He is my hope. How can this realization help us in our own obedience?  My redemption is taken care of. I do not have to struggle, but persevere and pray.


  1. Dr. Eyrich article was very interesting. I'm glad you are still blogging!

    1. Thanks. Yes, Eyrich's article is great.

      I have kept up with the blog although not much traffic here these days. This blog was started with two men who disagreed with each other and left me trying to discover a view of the millenium after they quit the blog.

      I have thought some about changing the name of the blog. I changed the banner of my other blog when I moved to Alabama.


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