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20 Ligonier Conference Quotes

Moderator Chris Larsen asks questins of RC Jr.,
 Horton, Tackett, Meyer and Sproul, Sr.
I was privileged to have the time to listen to the live streaming of the 2012 National Ligonier Conference held at the end of this week in Orlando, Florida. Quotes were put on the TV screen under the speaker and Ligonier and Greenbaggins blogger also reported. So I picked up quotes and checked them with other sources.

I got a favorable impression of theology from this conference. I loved the casual way in which R. C. Sproul himself said that he keeps changing his mind about the end times and doesn't have an opinion about how old the earth is. Nobody was particularly political as you see from quote #16 below.

I am just going to list 20 Quotes here, but you can go to the links below for summaries of eleven of the presentations.

1. St. Francis of Assisi – They should pray more than they study. Quoted by Robert Godfrey.

2. Al Mohler gave fourteen noetic effects of sin, that is, fourteen ways the fall affected our thinking:

a) Ignorance

b) Distractedness

c) Forgetfulness

d) Prejudice

e) Faulty Perspective

f) Intellectual fatigue

g) Inconsistency

h) Failure to draw right conclusions

i) Intellectual apathy

j) Dogmatism and closed-mindedness

k) Intellectual pride

l) Vain imagination

m) Miscommunication

n) Partial knowledge

3. It is not enough to go to four Bible study groups a week. This can mask the fact that you aren’t digging into the Word of God yourself. Dig into it for yourself. Pray to God over passages.  —Sinclair Ferguson

4. God's great concern is never for what we do or who we are...but that we know Him and are known by Him. —Sinclair Ferguson

5. We need to be filled with the Word of God so that we have something to think about when we're not thinking about anything. —Sinclair Ferguson

6. Greenbaggins on his blog said that RC Sproul, Sr., said , “We need to contend for the truth without being contentious.” I missed that, but am grateful for the Greenbaggins blog picking that up.

7. We have to fight the reality of the fall. Without the fall there is no Savior. —Del Tackett

8. Parents, give your children a Bible. Their faith needs to be anchored in God's Word, not yours. —R.C. Sproul, Jr.

9. According to Christian Smith, the practicing religion across America today is moralistic therapeutic deism. —Michael Horton

10. All truth is God's truth, but not all truth is in the Bible. —Michael Horton

11. Much of evangelicalism today is selling its soul to popular culture in the name of being relevant. —Michael Horton

12. This is our Father's Kingdom. This Kingdom will last because we didn't build it. —Michael Horton

13. Michael Card spoke on “Christ and Creativity." He said “You are not your gift.” I was thinking that some celebrities need to learn that. Then he sang some of his songs. First he sang “Better Freedom”: Christ revealed Himself to me, Enslaved my soul to set me free, I was bound to Him at Calvary, And found a better freedom. I found this song on a By/For :: Sweet Sacrifice Podcast and downloaded it. That song was new to me. Then he sang a song I love and have heard--“Things We Leave Behind”: When we say no to the things of the world, We open our heart to the love of the Lord, And it’s hard to imagine the freedom we find , From the things we leave behind. I downloaded this song from iTunes

14. You are the most connected generation in all of human history, but you are also the loneliest! [On Facebook] we say Here’s my story and I want you to love it. Then he noted that we get angry when someone steps on our script which leads to depression, despondency and finally lack of hope. —Del Tackett

15. A commitment to Christ and Christianity is not a commitment to defending all things done by Christians. —Robert Godfrey

16. Neither the Republican Party nor the Democrat Party care about the cause of Christ. —Robert Godfrey

17. Don't let the world and its marketing establish your desires. —Robert Godfrey

18. Ignorance is not bliss. Knowing Jesus Christ is bliss. Live not to build a name for ourselves in this world. —Robert Godfrey

19. We're not saved from low self-esteem...we are saved from the wrath of God that rightly hangs over every unconverted person. —Steven Lawson

20. The mind does not love God at all and it will not love God unless God the Holy Spirit changes the disposition of our hearts. By nature we do everything we can to suppress every natural revelation given to us, and that is not without consequence. What does it mean to love with the mind? It means to think about God with reverence and with adoration. —RC Sproul, Sr.

It is amazing what you can learn from your computer! These links are from this conference and I have 34 pages of notes!


  1. Great quotes.

    This one has me thinking, "10. All truth is God's truth, but not all truth is in the Bible. —Michael Horton"

  2. These are excellent. THanks so much!! AMEN to #11.


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