Origin of Blog

Two gentlemen and myself started talking about viewpoints of the endtime in January of 2009. They ended up disagreeing and not wanting to post. So I was left with a theological blog to do something with. The blog chronicles my journey understanding eschatology. I came to a viewpoint in March of 2010, but changed in the fall of 2011. Meanwhile I have been trying to write when I can about other topics on Millennial Dreams. It just seems to me that godliness is not all about theology. We need orthodoxy AND orthopraxy. I often consult with my pastor for discernment in writing this blog. 

I have written a spiritual memoir, Getting Off the Niceness Treadmill, which can be ordered as an e-book from Barnes and Noble or from Amazon. It shows how learning to give God the glory became a value for me above running around doing nice things for others, which used to be an obsession.

I am a senior citizen and have a more active blog about my late husband's dementia at  Plant City Lady and Friends. He passed away on June 23, 2014.  Currently I am working on a seminary counseling EdD  on dementia caregiving. 

Carol Noren Johnson
AKA New Kid on the Blogg
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