Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ligonier Quotes, Part Two

A little over two years ago, while I was home taking care of my late husband, I listened to a Ligoier conference streamed on the computer HERE for 20 quotes.  

Now I live about an hour and a half away from St. Andrews Chapel in Sanford, Florida,  where the September 19 and 20, 2014 conference was held. I worked on the 19th, but I did go on Saturday the 20th. The announcement was made that all taped sessions would be streamed on Thursday September 25th, so look for the conference then.

On Friday R. C. Sproul presented the theme, "The Christological Crisis" in the first session, Michael Morales spoke on "Christ in the Shadows". Stephen Nichols spoke on "Christ and Him Crucified".  I look forward to hearing these Friday sessions streamed next week.

Saturday morning started with the singing of O Worship the King--loved this singing in the cross shaped chapel.

Welshman Dr. Derek Thomas spoke on The Life of Christ and Christ and Him Resurrected. Thomas is the senior pastor of First Presbyterian in Columbia, South Carolina, replacing Dr. Sinclair Ferguson who has returned to his native Scotland. Before he went back to Scotland, Derek asked Sinclair what memorable moment Sinclair has had.  Sinclair said reading John Murphy about the obedience of Christ and Derek went on to elaborate on some of that obedience. Thomas said:

  • God doesn't count our sins against us. We become the righteousness of God.
  • Christianity is based on facts: the early church believed in and saw the resurrection of Christ before He went back to heaven; Saul of Tarsus who became Paul had a dramatic conversion; the tomb was empty. 
  • There is moral order in the universe. Why did Jesus die? Why did God kill him? See John 3:16-18 (NLT):

 For God loved the world so much that he game his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him. There is no judgment against anyone who believes in him.

  •  If Jesus is impeccable, how did God do this? It was the right thing to do the morally just thing.  
  • It was the morally just thing for God to raise Christ from the dead. He quipped,  You can't keep a good man down! This was one of the few humor quips I heard in the conference.*
  • The term in Christ is in the New Testament 67 times

Question and Answers. Above from left to right is the moderator Lee Webb, and speakers Michael Morales, R. C. Sproul Jr., Steven Nichols, Gregory Beale, Derek Thomas, and R. C. Sproul. Here are some quotes from that session:

  • We have the same God as the Reformers and we do not need to just quote from them.
  • Sometimes revival is the quiet steady work of grace.
  • When Psalms are the center of worship revival comes. 
  • The universe is for God's glory and He can do what He wants.
The panel was asked about their favorite parts/books of the Bible:
  • Morales--He [God] who did not spare His own Son [Christ], but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things? Romans 8:32
  • R. C., JR--Psalms and Proverbs
  • Nichols--2 Corinthians 2-5
  • Beale--Acts 7 and The Valley of Vision devotional book for Scripture
  • Thomas--Job
  • R. C. SR--Romans

Just a thought--I am always discovering new parts of Scripture I like as I go through the Bible each year with the Daily Audio Bible. I think it was interesting that they were asked about their favorites. 

Thanks so much to the Reformation Bible College and Ligonier ministries for this free event. Even the coffee was free. I stood in a long line to buy my lunch, but had fascinating conversations with those around me.  

Added Sept. 26th (the Sept. 19th sessions):




*My notebook computer was dead for Dr. Gregory Beake's talk on Why God Became Man and for R. C. Sproul Jr. 's talk on Christ and Him Ascended. I would charge it in the nursery so I could use it again. Now, folks, I wear hearing aides and missed some of the Saturday humor. I must visit my audiologist and get an adjustment, and pick up on some of the humor when I get time to listen to the streamed recordings. 


  1. What a great opportunity you had, Carol, to be part of this event for Saturday; I loved the quotes, especially the one about Psalms are the center of worship, then there is revival as I truly do think we need to worship God more than we do.


    1. Yes, it was a great experience. Looking forward to the tapes of the event.

  2. What a blessing that you were able to attend. It sounds like you were refreshed! PTL!

    1. Absolutely, and I have to say, Georgene, bless you! You caught my typo above! "Sining" instead of "singing" of a hymn! How embarrassing!


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