Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blog Purpose

This is planned to be a group blog on biblical eschatology. Its purpose is to explore the topic of end times discussed in the book of Revelation. The authors will have some differing perspectives on this. I hold to the view that the millennium described in the book of Revelation began with the death and resurrection of Christ and will continue until Christ's return. I also hold to the view that the tribulation also runs during the same period of the millennium. Most of the events discussed in Revelation are events that occur throughout the time from Christ's first advent until his second coming. My view is technically referred to as idealist and amillennial. Others joining this blog will have some different perspectives. What I hope this blog will accomplish is allowing us to sharpen each other, as iron sharpens iron, and help us to understand the topic of biblical eschatology better. All comments are welcome.

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