Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Discover Revelation Together

It is interesting that I was a new bride in 2000 when my pastor was preaching on Revelation. I didn't pay the attention to it that I now pay listening to his live and recorded messages. I was just trying to get used to the Westminster Confession then—revelation would be for another day.

Another day came and a blessing is promised for studying and obeying Revelation in Rev. 1:3 and Rev. 22:7. Here is what I am learning.

The book of Revelation is about things about to come to past. Most of Revelation is history as the book of Acts is history. The seven churches were current churches when John was alive. He says the things are about to come to pass—judgment is about to happen.

I am learning to date the book of Revelation at 63-65 AD whereas others such as Pretribulation advocates say 95 AD with the events in Revelation to come. However, there is no place in Scripture for the building of a third temple.

The tribulation would have happened with the destruction of the temple around 70 AD, as predicted in Matthew 24. 70 AD marked the collapse of OT Judaism and the beginning of Rabbinic Judaism. The church is now Israel.

There are not two ways to God—it has always been through faith in Christ whether Jew in the Messiah or Christian in the risen Christ. This means we are in the millennial period now—it is not to come as the dispensationalists say. Much of Revelation is history, but from Revelation 20 the events are to come according to Talbot and Gentry. Victory ends the church age. After an extended period of gospel prosperity, earth history will be drawn to a close by Christ's return. We are in His kingdom, yet we pray "thy kingdom come"; this is similar to sanctification—I have been saved, I am being saved, and I shall be saved. His kingdom has come, is coming and His will is to be done in the kingdom.

Pre-tribulation advocates view their mission as selling fire insurance with the hope of the rapture and escaping the world. Post-tribulation advocates put their hope in Christ and concentrate on the world. Earl is teaching us about his variation of Amillennialism.

My pastor gives these points for chapter one:
1. This is the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
2. It was given to him by the Father.
3. He has given this information to His angels.
4. John bears witness that this is the Word of God.
5. John also witnessed the words of Christ who speaks to John before the vision is given.
6. John is commissioned to write down all he heard.
7. There is a blessing to those who hear, and heed the words of Revelation.
8. Judgment is about to come upon Jerusalem and Rome from Him who is about to judge. See Matt. 24. Seven Spirits refers to the Holy Spirit who comforts all of these churches.

Revelation 4-11 are events leading up to the destruction of Rome with Nero as the false prophet. Revelation 20 begins the millennium when Satan will be found and Christianity will spread.

My husband and I attended a conference on escatology in Oct. of 2008 in Draper, Virginia. DVDs are available from that conference. All of my questions to date were answered there. Here are two questions and answers given from this Draper conference.

1. Does dispensationalism add to or seal up the Bible?
Dispensationalism distorts the Bible, taking away from Scripture like liberals who don't believe all of Scripture.
2. Has Daniel been fulfilled? Yes, the seventy weeks in Daniel have been fulfilled. Else the pretribulation people have a 490 year gap until 2000.

I am the new kid of the block (blogg) for two reasons: I am new to blogging and new to the systematic study of Revelation.

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  1. The conference we attended mentioned above you can order on DVD.

    2008 Conference on Reformed Theology

    Israel, the Church & Bible Prophecy

    Is the Dispensational hermeneutic a literal hermeneutic? What is the supposed “law of first mention?” Who is true Israel? How does one become a Jew? Was the formation of the “new” state of Israel in 1948 fulfillment of Biblical prophecy? Does the Bible teach that there is a future temple yet to be built? Has dispensationalism broken continuity with the Word of God and Church history? Has dispensationalism in its history taught different ways of salvation?’s 2008 Conference, Against Dispensationalism: Israel, the Church & Bible Prophecy, was held October 4-5 and the conference DVD features Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr. (Th.D.), Kenneth G. Talbot (Ph.D.) and Jerry Johnson (M. Phil.) covering these and other topics. This two DVD set is divided into seven segments totaling nearly seven hours in length. The lecture titles are:

    Literally Abused: The Hermeneutics of Dispensationalism
    The Harlot Rides the Beast
    Not All of Israel is Israel
    Matthew and the Demise of Israel
    Against Dispensationalism Part I
    Against Dispensationalism Part II
    Roundtable Discussion (Q&A)


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