Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Problem and Challenge of Studying Eschatology

So GRITS and I are going to travel Richard P. Belcher's theological novel, A Journey to Eschatology. It can be obtained from and is a JourneyBook Part One. Ira Pointer, who also was the main character in A Journey in Grace which we both have read, goes on a search for his real father and is forced to deal with the topic.

In the preface Belcher writes: "The study of eschatology (the doctrine of final things) may very well be the most difficult of the various areas of theological study! . . . Be assured that this is not a call for eschatological agnosticism, but a call for eschatological caution. This is that we study eschatology with a painstaking carefulness, a cautious deliberateness, a meticulous attentiveness to details, along with a Christ-like humility towards others with whom we may not agree." p. i and p. iii

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