Sunday, January 24, 2010

Belcher's Suspense

As important as Bible prophecy might be, it is not an essential and major doctrine of the church. . . . Believers must also learn to major on the major doctrines and minor on the minor doctrines, and never major on the minors nor minor on the majors.
This is what the lead character notes on page 31 as he has been asked to write a book about eschatology. The plot also includes a search for his birth parents. In the preface Belcher also calls for eschatological caution and "Christ-like humility towards others with whom we may not agree."

The discussion last January at the beginning of the blog left too many questions. Now I have wanted all year to be able to approach this subject with both humility and objectivity. All the vews claim to be biblical. Which one is right? Continuing to study with humility is right--of that I am certain.

I will be very curious to see what Rev. Ira Pointer, Jr., the lead character of Belcher's theological novels,  discovered along with finding out who is the real Ira Pointer, Sr., his absent father.

GRITS, you jumped ahead and finished the novel. You just couldn't put it down. I am half-way done and would have finished except I was waitng for you.

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  1. I tend to do that with books. :) It usually doesn't take me long once I get started with one. Also it wasn't a very long book.

    I don't believe Eschatology is an essential either, but I would like to come to a viewpoint that I could agree is what the Bible lays out for us. As of yet I'm still not certain.. even though I kinda lean towards one.. I do seem to think one of the viewpoints seem the least likely and makes the least sense, out of the views Mr. Belcher talks about.

    The three main views he discusses are Pre-Mil (Pre-Millennialism), Post-Mil (Post-Millennialism), and A-Mil (A-Millennialism).


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