Friday, January 1, 2010

Music and Styles of Worship

I long to hear an old fashioned TN gospel quartet. Maybe I will have to visit another church at a time when when my Reformed church doesn't meet. Maybe I can hear a men's quartet sing "I'm On the Battlefield for My Lord" or some other favorite of mine I rarely hear.

You know though, I don't always aprreciate an endless round of  praise choruses. We went to a relative's church and there was one hour of standing, moving, clapping and singing to the projected songs. People came forward to pray with men and women in the front during the praise singing. The pastor's wife who is also a pastor apparently led us in the singing. The prosperity gospel. Prophecy for the New Year, etc. No confession, communion, but lots of hype. I missed a solid hymn with solid theology. Some Scripture was in the husband-pastor's sermon but he also quipped "When was the last time you laid hands on someone?" For  fight???!  Not my kind of worship and church, but we loved being with this relative.

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  1. And so many people eat that prosperity (non) gospel up.


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