Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Should Christians celebrate Christmas? Well of course, we answer. However, not everyone agrees.* Apparently the Puritans and Scottish Presbyterians traditionally didn't. Here are the results in a 2007 pole of 104 Reformed voters on Puritan Board:

  • Yes: 53/104 or 50.96%

  • No: 34/104 or 32.69%

  • Still thinking it through: 17/104 or 16.35%

* See defense of Christians who don't celebrate Christmas. http://www.thebluebanner.com/pdf/bluebanner8-9&10.pdf

* See R.C.Sproul's defense of celebrating Christmas. http://www.ligonier.org/learn/qas/celebration-christmas-pagan-ritual/

When we moved to this neighborhood in 2001 we started a tradition that has been in different homes each year. It was our turn again this year to host the annual neighborhood Christmas party. The neighbors can't help but notice the symbolism of our home decorations--definitely not secular. At our home we prayed before the meal. If we did not have or participate in this neighborhood tradition, would our neighbors think we are not Christians now? One Catholic neighbor bought my spiritual memoir at that party. We try to take all the commercialism out of Christmas, to simplify and not overspend the budget, but want to greet friends and neighbors all throughout the year, especially to sit on the front porch them, or go have coffee, and chat about what is important in life.


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