Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Amazing Grace DVD--Third Post

Election doesn't seem politically correct or fair to everyone. But what does Scripture say?
Part Two of the Amazing Grace DVD gives Scriptural support for election. Many Christians skip over terms in Scripture such as chosen.
As many as were ordained to eternal life believed. Acts 13:48
Just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world. . . . Ephesians 1:4 
The film points out that we don't seem to have a problem with Jewish people being chosen in the Old Testament. We also see God chose Jacob over Jacob's brother Esau.  Why would God save anyone? God's plan to elect some to salvation doesn't include everyone. Signing on the dotted line or "going forward" and then living selfishly is not what it's about and neither is it penance or doing good.

J. I. Packer makes this contrast: "The Arminians say: 'I owe my election to my faith'; the Calvinist says 'I owe my faith to my election.'" Man does 1%, Arminians say, but C. H. Spurgeon points out
The doctrine of justification itself,
as preached by an Arminian,
is nothing but the doctrine of salvation by works.
So many modern churches have turned to works-righteousness--doing things for God. The DVD deals with Scripture that Arminians often use as proof and you just have to see this film which thoroughly examines those passages. The late D. James Kennedy is even humorous in the DVD when he explains ALL and EVERYONE.

Part Three of the Amazing Grace DVD answers questions about evangelism. If God elects, does the believer do anything? Do the Calvinists sit back then and let God elect? No! Historically Calvinists Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield have been outstanding evangelists as have John Piper and D. James Kennedy.  Like D. Martin Lloyd-Jones they start with the holiness of God and the sinfulness of man and the consequences of that sin. Easy Christianity lets you have it your way--you are okay and God loves you as you are--Christ is just something new to try. However, escaping hell is not what Christianity is about. It is about following willingly, persevering, because He has called his elect to righteous living and what He expects He enables. Ephesians 2 points out that by grace you are saved through faith not of works and no one can boast even about their 1%.

Theology is so very accessible in this film, and you just have to purchase it from NiceneCouncil.com or view it if you know someone who has it. Be prepared for over four worthwhile hours. Many view it several times as we have. Executive Producer Jerry Johnson has reported that upon viewing this film viewers have become believers, and Christianity has begun to make sense for others. It has informed my faith and my reading. 



  1. I really do need to purchase this DVD ; I am quite sure that no one I know has it.

    Reform evangelists are a totally different breed. I admire their humility and also their urgent desire to enlighten the listener. It seems to be a huge burden on their hearts for the lost soul and with all glory going to God; not self or a little 5 minute prayer.

  2. How many years ago, 3 or 4, I watched this video. I thought "oh wow"It's time to make a descision, Oh God help me . Does this bear witness to my soul?Yes, a big yes, now to understand it all. Since I have become a reformer, a believer in the Doctrines of Grace. I have been satisfied with the Gospel message every week at church.I think I can preach myself the gospel better then before.I would have never even thought to preach the gospel to myself at all before? I have also gone back to my first works, of repenting of my sin and seeing myself as a sinner, not better then others because I came to this descision. I look at scripture for what it holds for me, not what I make of it. It's taken me two years to be able to read the bible, for what God wants me to know about himself. The garbage I was tought is unbelievable. I went back to my old church last fall and heard the elder say" I know Jesus died on the cross and all, but it's how we live our lives that bring people to christ" So sad.

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