Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Late Great Planet Church

Congratulations, Jerry Johnson, on producing a new DVD, “The Late Great Planet Church: The Rise of Dispensationalism”, Volume One.

This DVD, which is going like pancakes, can be ordered from

According to this DVD, Dispensationalism:

--Has broken continuity with church history
--Wrongly interprets the Word of God with a flawed hermeneutic
--Has been a willing participant in the church’s trend toward anti-intellectualism and even Arminianism
--Embraces Greek philosophical dualism that comes dangerously close to the ancient heresy of Gnosticism
--Has embraced an unbiblical view of the Church and Israel with one method of Salvation for the Church and one for Israel
--Is not an eschatology build on theology, but a theology built on eschatology
--Inevitably leads to cultural withdrawal and surrender
--Often holds that the Sermon on the Mount is law not grace and that the doctrine of grace is in the Epistles and not the Gospels

Problems of Dispensationalism have been addressed by "Progressive Dispensationalists". Christians tend to leave Dispensationalism for Covenantal theology rather than vice versa.

Although the DVD is two hours, it can be accessed through scenes for study in adult classes. I recommend!

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