Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rapture Messages to Loved Ones

I enjoy reading the Riddleblog, in one of his entries, Kim Riddlebarger writes about a website that will send your mail (real snailmail) to loved ones after the Rapture. This website, as far as I can tell, is a serious website. The people running it give their word they will deliver your hard copy messages to loved ones left behind in the Rapture. How do they do this? After all, they too could be caught up in the Rapture. Well, they won't. They are atheists who don't believe that the Rapture will occur, but if, to their surprise, the Rapture does occur, they will deliver the messages you've given to them. They say there is no chance they'll become Christians, and they will live lifestyles quite apart from Christ -- that is unless the Rapture occurs, then they will opt for plan B, which is to become Christians, and also deliver the messages.

At first I laughed at this. A couple of enterprising computer atheist geeks, making some money and providing a service to some of the Christian community. Quite humorous. But, as I thought about this, the more troubled I became. How hard their hearts are, but also how this teaching of one segment of the Christian Evangelical community can be misleading.

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  1. Incredible, and the atheists make money also for delivering the messages!


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