Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blessings of Revelation

Many of the Millennial Dreams posts have been left brain theology and I for one struggle to keep up. But left brain is not all there is to Revelation. In a nutshell Revelation is participating in His rightful eternal glory. Picture the cheering crowds with Christ on the throne.

And so we are blessed by reading Revelation. This book gives us our wonderful future in images and symbols. We in the church are the bride getting ready for our bridegroom. A wedding is the ultimate symbol in a book full of symbols.

We are the bride being prepared for our future
of worshipping Christ,
the Lamb of God,
on His throne
and ever
in Heaven
where there is no
more death nor tears
and all of our existence and theology finally makes sense.

Our bridegroom may come at any moment.
Too wonderful and exciting!

Revelation promises a blessing. Apart from theology, authors and commentators, how are you being blessed by reading Revelation?

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  1. From a friend via e-mail:

    What's my favorite part about Revelation? Living with God Almighty!
    (Revelation 21:3) That's got to be pretty incredible!


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