Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The New Age Spirituality

I went to a seminar and a spiritual workshop included the following techniques:
Meditation without Scripture
A sacred space in one's home
Forgiveness without a biblical framework
Or this one from the workshop:  Pour water into a bowl and put all your cares in it.  Then at the end of the day empty that bowl.

Now the Bible does warn against worry in Matthew 6, John 14 and Philippians 4. Wayne Mack even says:
Worry is a serious problem because it expresses unbelief, but it is also a serious problem because it is an attempt to usurp the sovereignty of God. In a sense, when we worry, we are trying to think and act like God, to put ourselves in control. . . . When we are anxious, it is often because we think that events are out of control, and not only that, but also that these events should be in our control. If we are facing a situation that we know is too much for us, but we think that we should be able to handle it, we become anxious. We feel responsible for making others act, for causing things to run smoothly, and for the outcome of events. In essence, we are aspiring to be God and frustrated because we are not.
From page 30 of  Wayne Mack's Down, But Not Out: How to Get Up when Life Knocks You Down.

During the last two months I have meditated on Scripture to a greater degree than I had  in 2010 and before. Prayer relinquishing those worries and Scripture meditation are what works for me. Oprah and others can have their New Age Spirituality. I don't need it.

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