Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An Answer to Earl's Question #2

Concerning Earl's Second Question:

2. In Partial Preterism did Jesus return? The angels at Jesus' ascension seemed to indicate that there would be only one return of Christ? Was this it? Are there multiple returns?

Answer: This answer borrows statements from Dr. Kenneth Gentry's "He Shall Have Dominion", pages 271-275.

(Download "He Shall Have Dominion" at this link: http://www.box.net/shared/x4z4nlo8vj )

There is one history concluding, personal, visible, glorious return of Christ known as the Second Advent. Not all references to His coming are to the second advent at the close of history. There are various comings of Christ taught in the Scriptures. Christ comes spiritually to the believer in the ministry of the Holy Spirit (John 14:16, 18, cf. vv. 23, 28). Since Pentecost, this coming is His coming in soteric regeneration. ... Christ comes spiritually to believers in fellowship. ... He comes among His people spiritually when they worship together before Him. He comes spiritually to believers at death. He comes into the presence of the Father at His ascension, in order to receive His kingdom. Beyond these spiritual comings and in addition to the bodily second advent, there is a providential coming of Christ in historical judgments upon men.


  1. Bill, thank you again for talking this over with me. Also THANK YOU for the resources you have been supplying, and for the PDF copies of Dr. Gentry's books.

    Would you say that the events of 70 AD completely fulfill Matthew 24? If not, which parts of Matthew 24 were not fulfilled?

    Sorry that I am asking so many questions. I have a tendency to over assume what people think, and I find I am usually wrong in those assumptions.


  2. Earl,

    Again, I'll get back to you as time permits. Thanks for your interest.



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