Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An Answer to Earl's Question #1

Earl asks this question:

1. In Partial Preterism was this the Great Tribulation? Would there be no other tribulations in history that could match or surpass this tribulation? Do passages that describe trouble and persecution in Revelation only refer to the period around 70 AD?

Answer: In his book, "Last Days Madness", Gary DeMar concludes a section on The Great Tribulation with this quote: "The Great Tribulation is a description of what happened to Jews living in Israel in the first century. Over one million Jews died at the hands of the Romans. Nothing will ever compare to it." (Page 110 of the 1994 edition.) Concerning tribulation in general, DeMar writes "Last days madness can be halted once the church recognizes that the Great Tribulation is a past event. This is not to minimize the realities of persecution. We will always have tribulation, tribulation that is overcome in Jesus (John 16:33). Entry into the kingdom comes through 'much tribulation' (Acts 14:22). What we will not have is a Rapture that will remove us from a world in which tribulation is a reality." (Pages 119-120)


  1. Bill, thank you so much in replying. I enjoy your posts.

    I've read DeMar's Last Days Madness a few years ago and enjoyed the book very much. I assume Gary DeMar's views track with your views on eschatology and Revelation, correct?

    I was sick to my stomach when I read Josephus' account of the fall of Jerusalem. The carnage and devastation was horrendous.

    Would you say that all the things described though Revelation 19 have happened in history already? The events surrounding 70 AD are those historical events described through Revelation 19?

  2. Earl,

    I am a bit short of time to blog right now. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


  3. Bill, take your time, and thanks for following up. I was up early this morning with an emergency on-line problem with our computer systems at work and I had a few moments when the corrections for the system were working their way through, so I read through your helpful replies. We all have more pressing things to do than blogging.


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