Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas and Swearing in Public Schools

I substitute teach in public schools and try to leave a good example there. At the end of good classes I rap. My niece and nephew video taped me last spring, named me MC AC The Rap Lady and started MCACProductions1 on YouTube for my raps. I have been asked if I am a Christian rapper. I think I am a Christian first who happens to be a rapper. But, can you imagine going to the principal's office for saying "Christmas"! 

Good gracious gravy! After I was put on YouTube with only a commercial and one rap, I checked out other rappers. I was so horrified at the language of rappers so I wrote a rap about swearing last summer and public school students like it. At the end of each section I have middle school and high school students say "Your words need much more pizzazz." 


Got the hebe jibes about your swearing
Name callin’ makes you think you’re daring
Don’t give me lip and think you’re hip
And “OMG” has so been had
Your words need much more pizzazz.
No more A-B-D-F-MF-N-or SH words
These are all you use
And you have no clue
Helps the script writers on movies or TV
But your words need much more pizzazz.

Let’s ban obscenity
Let’s ban profanity
Impaired thinking
Vocabulary stinking
Your words need much more pizzazz.

If you’re not happy
Don’t say something crappy
Or suck your teeth
Roll you eyes instead of speech
When you speak
It’s rude to be crude
Speak with modesty not obscenity
Be truthful but not offensive
Your words need much more pizzazz.

Say “Jiminy Cricket” when someone’s wicked
Say “plug nickel” when someone’s fickle
Say “dumbfounded” when you’ve been grounded
And "holy cow" and “bejesus” are sort of iffy
“Good gracious gravy” might be more nifty
Your words need much more pizzazz.

There’s a lot to do for your anger
And it’s not to use your finger
Say “cripes” for your gripes
Say “bummer” if you hit your thumber
Get you some chutzpa
Get you some respect
Deal with the issue
As precisely as you can get
Your words need much more pizzazz.

Got the hebe jibes about your swearing
Name callin’ makes you think you’re daring
Don’t give me lip and think you’re hip
And “OMG” has so been had
Your words need much more pizzazz.

What is wrong with so much swearing is not just that it takes God's name in vain (against a 10 Commandment), but also that it shows anger. See Deut. 5:11; Eph. 4; Col. 3:8; and Prov. 14:29; 15:1, 28. 

How do you deal with the poor vocabulary in your kids, their friends or in our culture? 


  1. A few attorneys used to feel free to swear in my chambers when I first got on the bench. I soon disabused them of that notion. All it took was a repeated "Language, counsel, language" and they soon got the idea. After a bit, the regulars would even start shushing the newcomers who let a four letter word fly.

    I heard that some thought I was treating them like children by correcting their speech. I thought instead I was insisting that everyone act like adults.

    Great rap, Carol, and I bet your students really like being in your classes!

    1. It used to be that gentlemen where careful swearing in front of ladies and apologized it they did swear.

      You have given me another clue. Just say "language, young person, language", although they might not understand as they do with this rap.

      Today I asked each student when I called roll to say something about themselves. One young man said he is gay and he got a big laugh. I wonder how he could decide this in 8th grade. Then I decided to not ask this question during the next class period.


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