Sunday, September 22, 2013

Chapter Four, "Hear Me Roar"

Author Aimee Byrd writes:
I continually have to lay down who I think I am or who I want to be if it is anything different from God's plan for me to be transformed into the image of his Son. (p. 71)
By now maybe you have purchased Housewife Theologian by Aimee Byrd. The Journaling Questions from pp. 91-92 are in red and my answers are in black.

  • Think about my statement, "We are all abnormal." As Christians, how does this apply to our pilgrimage in this world? We need God for our holiness, and "finding ourselves" is very subjective. He is taking us on a journey where we absolutely need Him. How does this affect our identity? When my identity is in Christ alone, I do not need to have some outside validation for my joy and chasing happiness is not worth it. 
  • Why is it that if we look for our self, we will find only "hatred, loneliness, despair, rage, ruin, and decay"? Has there been a time in your life when you had a dream or ambition that wasn't really wrong in itself, but nonetheless you knew it was wrong for you to pursue? Yes-teaching Reading in high school to unmotivated students who maybe should have learned to read earlier. I worked hard at it, but it never really clicked. I really needed to be retired and be there for my husband who was developing memory issues. Our home life needed me so desperately. It still does, and I am blessed to have help so I can continue to make money we need through substitute teaching and teaching a class for DUI offenders, but be off on days for doctor's appointments. 
  • How is the ideology of feminism opposed to biblical femininity? Aimee points out that men and women both make up the image of God. It is not just one sex. There is a difference in how each is gifted. 
  • Assignment: Record how many commercials, conversations, TV shows, etc., portray the feminist idea of men being useless and less intelligent than women. I will listen, but do not watch TV much at all. 
  • What do you think of Elisabeth Elliot's comment that the essence of femininity is surrender? I have to surrender to what the LORD has for me at this time in my life, not run away from it or cry "poor me". Daily I do see His faithfulness, although at times it is really hard. I cannot throw my hands up in despair. Aimee writes: Submission does not equal passivity, In chapter one we learned about our active responsibility as helpers. God gifts us diversely for this role, but as Elliot points out, we need to be content and stop trying incessantly to have it all. (p. 80)
  • What special gifts has God given you as a woman? A really strange thing has happened in my life in the last several years. I am "MC AC The Rap Lady" on YouTube and believe that my niece and nephew are putting up many of my raps there this next year. I "rap" at the end of good classes when I substitute teach and have impacted young lives with those raps I have written on topics such as facing boredom, bullies, using your mind and not just your emotions, not swearing and addiction. One young person wrote on YouTube that I should do a rap on youth being addicted to porn and I did put that topic in my addiction rap.  How are you using them to serve those around you? Rapping helps me identify with youth and get their attention. Even out in public young people come up and ask me if I am the lady that raps. Students tell me they are no longer a "drama queen" or a bully because of my raps.  Are you distracted by chasing gifts that you do not have? Probably so. I can't do it all, but many times I overbook. I think I can get two quilts made by December and maintain a lovely home. (Sarcastic) Right!!
  • What would be an acceptable Christian definition of being "sexy?" Why do you think that the world's view of "sexy" is so genitally oriented? Randy Alcorn, my first cousin's husband, writes HERE with sexual purity admonitions. 
  • Journal some examples of how your past and present sexual behavior reflects on your sexual identity.
  • Are you sending the right messages to those around you with your sexuality? What are some ways that a man confirms the gospel message by his outer strength and inner softness? How does a woman do this by her outer softness and inner strength?
  • What are some boundaries that you can set to protect your sexuality? Some examples: As a married woman, I do not eat alone or ride in a car alone with other men unless my husband is aware of the circumstance and is comfortable with it. He does the same for me, respecting that those can be intimate moments, even when they are not intended to be so. We also have a boundary never to discuss any argument or marital conflict with the opposite sex. It is unwise to seek counseling in this manner from a friend of the opposite sex. Many times affairs begin this way because the "listening" friend appears more understanding and helpful than your spouse. As a single woman, what are some good boundaries? Secular counselors such as Dr. Ruth say it is okay to have a lover if your spouse has Alzheimer's. I totally disagree. 
  • Are you comfortable with your imperfections? Getting there. If you are married, are you at ease with your imperfections, particularly in intimacy with your husband? Yes. He is a sweetheart who accepts and loves me as I am. How would be be divinizing one another if there were perfection in this area?
  • What do you believe will survive from our sexuality in heaven? How does this impact your view of your sexuality now? In heaven I will be Christ's bride. 
  • How does your intimacy with your husband show forth in your behavior with others?I have noticed that people enjoy the admiration my husband and I have for each other. For example, I have been told that when I speak at Toastmasters my husband just looks at me with admiration. How does your intimacy with God show forth in your behavior with others? Hopefully they can see the beauty of Jesus in me. 
  • Have you settled? I have not settled for an unbeliever as a husband. When I was a widow, it took eight years to find a godly husband again and I know that my husband is part of God's plan for my life. Fortunately I was never in a position to be exploited sexually. Thank you, LORD. What lies have you bought and sold concerning your sexuality? 

Aimee writes near the end of the chapter:
An unbeliever will not understand the hidden intimacy that a Christian has with God any more than a person who has never been in love will understand the chemistry between husband and wife. But they will notice something of it from our behavior. It is an intimacy that transforms, that is visible. (p. 90)


  1. Wonderful reflections, Carol. The quote from Aimee at the end reminds me of what Paul says to the Corinthians about how the person without the Spirit just can't understand spiritual things. And on Elizabeth Elliot's statement on surrender, I think she's only half right: surrender is what men and women both are called to in our lives in Christ, as we surrender to his will.

    1. Absolutely men and women need to surrender to His will. But it is not just our pull ourselves up by the boot straps--we need His strength to live out that calling. "Lord, forgive when I didn't trust you today and felt I needed affirmation of people. Help me to achieve what You require and to glorify You. Amen."


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