Friday, September 27, 2013

Chapter Five, "Here We Stand"

By now maybe you have purchased Housewife Theologian by Aimee Byrd. The Journaling Questions from pp. 111-112 are in red and my answers are in black. These questions require more time and thought, but I will post how I have answered so far. I may go back and revised this post, trying to pull out more responses as I learn and reflect more.
  • What lies of this world are attractive to you? That a person can have Martha Stewart perfection in her life. Make a chart with contrasting biblical truths (and Scripture references). About perfection, as Scripture says, there is none righteous, no not one. We all have gone astray and seek our own way. 
  • How much time do you spend in the truth of God's Word? Half an hour or more each day. I need to meditate on specific verses to help me through the day. A friend has challenged me to write out these verses on cards. 
  • Recall a time when you made a stand for God and his truth. What sacrifices did you have to make?
  • Is God's Word authoritative in your life? Yes. Are you submissive to it? Yes, but keep finding areas where I need to grow. Stay out of God's Word, and you don't think you need to grow anywhere!  Do you communicate it well to others in both your speech and your actions? Yes and no.  How much do your daily conversations obscure God's truth? I hate to think how much of it does obscure His truth. How does it affect your everyday practical living? My social media friend suggested I write out Scripture that screams out to me now. How does this correlate with living in reality versus living in a fantasy? I need it to be central so that I don't live in a pity party about my lot as a caregiver. 
  • How does the gospel's content and power help us in our sanctification? The Holy Spirit convinces us of our own sin and areas where we need to repent.  
  • Do you try to unite with others using your own efforts? As an extrovert I probably do.  Contrast this with true unity.
  • Our culture today confuses truth with the aggrandizement of our own feelings and self-image. How is this a dangerous lie? Self-esteem is not a biblical concept. We are simply sinners saved by grace.  How has this counterfeit been a temptation for you?
  • For you visual thinkers, draw a picture using perspective (distorted or true) in conversations, philosophies, dreams, goals, ideas, and everyday happenings. Is it pretty? I need a sample to complete this. 
  • When it comes to loving confrontation, toward which side does your pendulum tend to swing--that of over--accommodation, or harsh judgment? In what ways do you need to depend on the Holy Spirit in this area? Over-accommodation probably because I have been hurt by others and may have hurt them in return. I have tried to apologize when I have discovered I have hurt someone. Rather than harsh judgment I need to make our needs known to others simply and stop over-accommodating others by thinking others should ask. 
  • Why do you think some of the Bible's teachings are so offensive? Homosexuality and gay marriages run counter to many in our culture. Some people think that being accepting is what Christianity is all about. 
  • Would you describe yourself as a discerning person? I have been known to be gullible. What is the "lasting value" of your conversations, daily duties, books you've read, songs you listen to, etc.? Good question for evaluating my priorities. 
  • How can you better relate authentically to those who hold to a different denominational confession from yours? Our friends go to a Missouri Lutheran Church and at times we attend services with them--such as at Easter or Christmas. We are allowed to partake in communion there, but they are not allowed to at our church where the table is "fenced". I think it is easier for us to go to their church than for them to come to our church. What is the difference between having strong convictions and having a sinful doctrinal pride? I really am annoyed with those who show doctrinal pride. It's as if they have their opinions all worked out and others need to cow-tow to their opinions. However they may feel they just have strong convictions. 
Perhaps it's like the difference between Dr. Francis Schaeffer and his wife Edith Schaeffer. He was more the theologian and she had a unique "housewife theologian" viewpoint. Recently after googling I was reminded HERE how they met and began dating--has to do with theology. I have ordered one of her books. 

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