Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Fresh Look at Podcasts

It must be five years that I have listened to The Daily Audio Bible--four years blogging here. I love how they have helped me meditate on God's Word.

See http://www.dailyaudiobible.com/

In 2011 I recorded my Scripture highlights for the whole year. In 2012 I even got their Passages Bible on my Nook. It tracks with the Daily Audio Bible podcast so you don't have to turn pages in your Bible:
  • Old Testament reading
  • New Testament reading
  • Psalms--goes through twice in a year
  • Proverbs
If you have a goal, dare I say a resolution, to go through the whole Bible in 2013, you can do an iTunes download for Daily Audio Bible on your computer and then put it on your device. I have both an iPhone and an iPod, but just put podcasts on my iPod and can listen at home or in the car. Then if someone calls me, I can simply get off the road,  stop my podcast and take the phone call. Today I am at home and listened to the Daily Audio Bible on my computer. At times I also pick up on some of their prayer requests.

Every few days on my iPod I love to listen to

Al Mohler delivers news from a Christian persective. His first podcast of 2013 includes:
  • Story 1 - US Congress Passes Fiscal Cliff Deal, Financial Times (Richard McGregor); A Showdown Long Foreseen, New York Times (Jennifer Steinhauer); Wonkbook: Everything you Need to Know about the Fiscal Cliff Deal, Washington Post (Ezra Klein)

  • Story 2 - New year, new laws, and new challenges for constructive Christian thought  Measures to Rule the Land—From Marriage to Marijuana, Wall Street Journal (Dan Strumpf)
  • Story 3 - The greatest threat to religious liberty in modern times:  Hobby Lobby to Defy Law on Contraception Insurance Coverage, Los Angeles Times (Shan Li)
  • Story 4 - Christians need to pray for Hillary Clinton’s full recovery
I learn so much from Dr. Mohler. I also just ordered his book on the Ten Commandments, Words from the Fire and look forward to reading it.

You have to be careful, however, listening in your car. One day an officer stopped me.

"Sir, I didn't notice that STOP sign because I was changing podcasts."

"Show me your iPod," he said. I did and noticing "Safe Driver" on my driver's license he let me go with a warning.

These days some ministries have gone to YouTube, but that takes time to listen to on your computer, or smart phone. If I get a chance to listen to YouTube, I would listen to


Nicene Council produced the most viewed posts of all time on this blog for their best-selling DVD Amazing Grace.

But for now, time wise, I get my daily Bible reading in on my podcasts. Listening causes me to go back and meditate and pray more--just a desire of my heart. Many reformed folks, I fear, just seem to read theology, but not the Bible. Many Christians do neither, I also fear.

What is your favorite medium for input--blogs, podcasts, books, serious Bible study? What books did you get recently to recommend to me?

I do not have the Bible as  a resolution, because it has become a habit now.

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