Thursday, August 4, 2011

Scandinavia, My Heritage

I am 75% Swedish and 25% Norwegian from four grandparents. Both grandfathers changed their last names when they came to America. Some of my relatives have traced our background and been to Sweden and Norway. I just go to Ikea and collect Swedish stuff to pass on one day.

Now I did hear that some of the Swedes originally came from Denmark. O well! I guess I am an American by birth. Mainly I like to say that I am a Christian because of my faith in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and I have brothers and sisters of all nationalities.

Trying to keep up with blogging once a month on Millennial Dreams, I was thinking about my Scandinavia heritage the other day. Not many people are Christians in Sweden according to:

And, ufda! ( an Norwegian expression) some of the media say the terrorist was connected to evangelicals or fundamentalists. Sells news to slam evangelicals.

But this also takes the prize: 

Sign Outside of a Church
I am so grateful that my grandparents came to the United States; yet I am concerned where we are going as a nation. It's not just the financial picture, grim as it is. I wonder will we become so PLURALISTIC that nothing counts, not even our Christian heritage? 

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