Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter? Bah Humbug?

Should Christians celebrate Easter? Last year on this blog I called Easter the most important Christian event so far.

I Corinthians 15 says that if Christ wasn't resurrected, preaching is in vain, and our faith is empty and futile if He didn't rise from the dead. Certainly in my opinion His resurrection is something to celebrate, whether once a year on Easter, every Sunday or every day. He is the Savior, conquering death and covering our sins. He is not just a great example.

Recently I gave away most of our Easter bunny decorations. I had gone all out because it was the one holiday that the family came to our house. The granddaughter changed the purple cloth to the white cloth on the cross in the front yard on Easter and we had prayer and a short Bible reading before the main meal in the middle of the day. The granddaughter also got to go on an Easter egg hunt in the back yard, but I do believe she knew the real meaning of why we were celebrating Easter. This year the family plans have changed and I am glad to not have all those decorations. We will eat our usual first of the month shared lunch (pot luck, or pot providence) after the worship service. That will be our Easter Sunday, just like every other first of the month Sunday. Later in the day we are expected to get together with family. So very different from last year. I am okay with this. Just really like to enjoy fellowship on the "front porch" or wherever.

All Reformed believers do not agree about an Easter celebration. Consider this article about the pagan roots of Easter.

Someone said on Facebook this week that Christ is holy but the week is not holy in and of itself. What do you think? Okay for a family time at someone's home? Have Easter candy? Decorate eggs?


  1. I've struggled with this thought as well. I was raised with no Santa at Christmas and no Easter bunny at Easter. We did hunt eggs and open presents.
    It is important to figure out the reasons behind family traditions. I do not think that parents should lie to their children by teaching mythology as truth. Can there be a pass for those who teach holiday mythology as such?

  2. I think celebrating Easter is fine. First and foremost we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. But all the other fun things, Easter bunnies, eggs, candy, why not? Even us frozen chosen have been known to have a little fun with light harted recreation.

  3. have you considered Easter celebrations in the light of the RPW. If something is not commanded it is forbidden (in the worship of God) I do not see a command to celebrate Easter in the fashion it is commonly done. Remember his death till he comes (Lord's suooer) and regular Sabbath worship (Resurrection Day).
    Of course we can have fun, but not in the name of worship.


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