Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More of Earl's Revelation Resources

On the right sidebar I have added more of my favorite authors.

  1. Vern Poythress. Vern Poythress is one of my favorite theologians. Perhaps I like him because of his mathematical background. He got an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Cal Tech, and a Ph.D in mathematics from Harvard. He also have several masters (Divinity, Literature, Apologetics, New Testament), and a Th.D.

    Dr. Poythress wrote a short commentary on Revelation. Don't be put off by the brevity, it is one of the best commentaries on Revelation. Poythress has a mastery of logical theological analysis. I have included a link to his on-line Revelation commentary as well as a number of audio lectures and sermons.

  2. G.K. Beale. Beale's commentary on Revelation is the best available today. It examines all perspectives. Even those who don't agree with his approach refer to his commentary. I have included several lectures which give a taste of his style of analysis.

  3. Kim Riddlebarger. "Dr. Kim Riddlebarger (Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary) is senior pastor of Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim, California, and visiting professor of systematic theology at Westminster Seminary California. He is also a co-host of the White Horse Inn radio program, which is broadcast weekly on more than fifty radio stations." (Monergism.com). Dr. Riddlebarger is a stalwart advocate of the Reformed faith. One of his most popular books is A Case for Amillennialism.

Each of these gentlemen are very gifted. I like listening to them as I exercise. I download them to my little mp3 player (or you can download to an iPod). It makes the time go so quickly that I extend my exercise. It's great spiritually as well as physically.

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